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The "IC T4L-PLUG" module is designed to integrate the FELLER Led 4-fold button 3914-1.FMI.L.P.61 (EDIZIOdue) into the digitalSTROM system. The module has integrated the functional features of the SW-TKM200 terminal. The extra-low voltage for the connected push-buttons is provided by the T4L-PLUG module. Also on board is the supply for the LEDs of the FELLER top. The module is connected to the pushbutton by plugging it in with the supplied ribbon cable. With the four pushbutton elements up to 16 functions can be executed in the dS. The low voltage side is galvanically isolated from the mains with> 2KV. With its dimensions of d = 54mm and h = 26mm, it also fits in standard cans. The Feller button is not part of the delivery.

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